Barbarella Design Studio

Hampton School Design Case Study

Design of interiors of new Sixth form Self-Study Centre, including self-study, place for small group projects and a living wall.


Hampton School


  • To design the interiors of a new Sixth Form Self-Study Centre that will help students stay focused and improve performance

  • Space should include self-study, a place for small group projects and act as transition area in between four parts of the school

  • A new atrium, formed by the old and new parts of the school and covered with a glass roof, should become a relaxed area for self-study during the day and a welcoming reception for social events

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We faced a challenge designing for the digitally native Generation Z, while keeping in mind the conservative approach of a private boy’s school established over 500 years ago.

  • Atrium with sofas and armchairs has the feel of an airport VIP lounge

  • Individual birch plywood booths, upholstered with grey felt, are custom-designed and made

  • Self-study rooms with different kind of furniture arrangements: individual booths, carrels, big tables split with removable acoustic dividers, which can be used for group projects

  • Desks with adjustable height to allow students to change pose from sitting to standing, which improves posture and boosts creativity

  • Installed living wall and indoor trees adding a courtyard feel

  • Emphasising good lighting with dimmable lights and individual reading lights in every booth and carrel

  • LED strip light was used to highlight architectural features such as oak cladding and to define architectural bridges