Barbarella Design Studio

FitClub Case Study

A multifunctional gym with a variety of classes on 200sq.m





  • To create a multifunctional gym space for a variety of classes in 200sq.m.

  • To illustrate the concept of "building the body and strengthening the mind”

  • To incorporate the state of art fully programmable computer controlled lighting system allowing every teacher to use their own setting according to class routines

  • A bespoke yellow crane frame was engineered to organise all types of hanging equipment and is successfully utilised in different classes

  • SPORTEC® Purcolor Tiles, which is a durable and functional flooring solution that can handle heavy weights, is easy to move spin bikes on, and is great at absorbing impact sound


Photography by Luke White


“Here goes to getting as close as possible to the credit Anna’s talent deserves.

The project started immediately after securing the site with Anna not on board. Due to this and the desire to finish asap, Anna, once on board, had the unenviable task of dealing with an ongoing design, which she accepted without hesitation. Costs were controlled, products were sourced and contractors programmed as well as anyone could possibly do!

I’m sure this is the case for most in that we knew exactly what we wanted to provide in terms of training. However, we were lost by way of aesthetics & optimising the space. Anna was faultless by firstly interpreting our thoughts & secondly understanding our product & service and surpassed expectations considerably.

Our uniqueness of providing ten different styles of training in one studio brings the necessity of storing a diverse range of equipment without sacrificing space and losing the aesthetic, function and experience of each style of training....again Anna excelled and the photos clearly display this. The studio to this day, inspires, motivates and excites trainers and members as much as it did on day one. Next time round Anna will be on board from the very start.”

Matthew Vier,

Director, Fit Club, London