Barbarella Design Studio

Equilibrium Case Study



Funky, urban, fun and, frankly, hard-working gym


We were thrilled when Niko and Jay asked us to help them design their Studio space in Holland Park.

We wanted to reflect the concept for Equilibrium - it had to be funky, urban, fun and, frankly, hard-working. This was not a project where zen was required! 

Our concept for Equilibrium was the Mark Ronson/Bruno Mars video for 'Uptown Funk'. We took the colours of the clothes worn by Mars and gritty textures that appeared in the 'uptown New York' of the video. We then spent a lot of time learning about weight-racks, the space required for the TRX equipment to be used fully and such like to make sure the ergonomics of the Studio are spot on. The Studio also has 2 shower rooms and a small kitchen and from what we understand the guys rarely leave it!


Many thanks to Equilibrium for the Photos xx