Barbarella Design Studio

Biddenham School Design Case Study

Design for a Sixth Form Study Centre in Biddenham School, London.


Biddenham School


  • To create an accessible, comfortable, safe and joyful space, capable of a quick transformation into a space that is visible, serious, inspirational and empowering with no clear boundaries between working, learning and socialising

  • Design to include a Sixth Form Study Centre, dual purpose School Council Chamber and dining area, three discussion rooms/classrooms

view at screens1.jpg

The amphitheatrical layout of a Greek agora was chosen to illustrate the concept of a cradle of democracy. The interior of this building is designed to encourage aspiration and achievement through personal and social engagement and to promote equal opportunity by taking part in open, honest and collaborative dialogue.


Space planning to accommodate multi-functionality: 

  • Assembly hall for 200 students with all presentation facilities such as screens, ICT, etc.

  • Areas for small group projects

  • Space for self-study 

  • Classroom for 20-100 students

  • Extension of the school canteen

top view.jpg
view from lectern.jpg
  • Circular seating benches made of concrete with wood inserts (environmentally friendly and very robust)

  • A round centrepiece grass planter, to promote wellbeing and performance

  • Rows of high desks for additional seating, space for lunch and standing

  • Round sky light window to provide as much natural light as possible and create a feeling of being outside 

  • Ceiling and wall acoustic panels that form a decorative pattern and resolve acoustic issues of the building