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New Wharf Place Property Development Case Study

Successfully submitted pre-application for multifunctional development in historical town centre of Tonbridge, Kent.


New Wharf Place


  • To design a multifunctional development in the historical town centre of Tonbridge

  • To articulate the development as a multi-levelled building to create a logical and visually pleasant connection between the pedestrian Riverside area and the urban Town centre

  • To create an attractive and vibrant corner of River Walk and New Wharf Road, specifically focusing on providing a scenic view over and from the Castle

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Successfully submitted pre-application for multifunctional development in the historical town centre of Tonbridge, Kent. The proposed scheme is for the erection of one 4 storey building, comprising:

  • 48 residential units

  • 1200 sq.m. commercial floorspace

  • Car park and parking for bicycles

  • 1800 sq.m. of landscaped communal amenity areas.


  • Conservation area

  • Historical town centre

  • Flood zone 3

  • Existing residential development sensitive to light and privacy loss

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  • New active street frontages with retail and cafe spaces on River Walk

  • New green areas over three levels of terraces  

  • High quality standard of accommodation arranged largely as dual aspect with no single aspect north facing dwellings.

  • No loss of light and privacy to existing residential and commercial developments by implementing terraces on both side of the new development.

  • Visually improved the main facade facing High Street, integrated with surrounding buildings.  

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“This project combined as many challenges as you could imagine: plot in the middle of historical town centre, conservation area, flood risk zone 3, part of Central Area Action plan. Local authorities required everything - multifunction development with parking, retail, green areas, plus improved view from the Town Castle. We as developers wanted to get the best valued property. Anna’s team did a great job, put a lot of effort in research and looking for the best solution. They come up with a proposal which ticked all the boxes and had a very positive response from the planning department. We were impressed by the holistic approach and would work with Anna’s team on future projects.”

Garry Simpson,

Director, Landhold Developments